Summer Dates

June 19 – Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI) training – ALL are welcome! Volunteers and staff required to attend. Professional trauma training credit provided by our partner Alaska Center for Resource Families. 

June 20-25 – REACH 907 Summer Club – modeled after the Royal Family KIDS (RFK) program, tweaked to be a local day program due to Covid, but we’re finding we really LIKE the day programs….not quite so exhausting!! 🙂 

July 12-16 – REACH 907 Summer Club #2 – modeled after TBRI and RFK programs. TBRI training will be provided by our TCU KPCDI partners who are coming up to run the program with us. 

August 6-8 – TRAC – Teen Reach Adventure Camp – Weekend retreat for at-risk teen girls

August 13-15 – TRAC – Teen Reach Adventure Camp – Weekend retreat for at-risk teen boys

These are all at LOCAL venues this year. Easy to volunteer if you are interested!

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We exist to strengthen children and teens in foster care. Our faith-based vision is to bring them life-changing experiences through summer programs, one-on-one mentoring and group mentoring via monthly clubs. Our next goal is to provide basic life skill classes for our teens to equip, build confidence and improve their future possibilities. We have implemented the trauma-informed model of care Trust-Based Relational Intervention and have provided community trainings to strengthen homes raising children with a history of trauma.

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